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We are pleased to announce our new publication in Conservation Biology!

Using nationwide monitoring data between 2009 and 2020, this paper estimated the population trends of 47 common breeding bird species in Japan. The overall population trend varied among species. Four species populations increased moderately, 18 were stable, and 11 declined moderately. Population trends for 13 species were uncertain.

The difference in overall trends among the species was associated with their habitat group and temperature niche. Species with relatively low-temperature niches experienced more pronounced declines. Multispecies indicators showed a moderate increase in forest specialists and moderate declines in forest generalists (species that use both forests and open habitats) and open-habitat specialists. Forest generalists and open-habitat specialists also declined more rapidly at sites with more abandoned farmland. All species groups showed an accelerated decline or decelerated increase after 2015.

These results suggest that common breeding birds in Japan are facing deteriorating trends as a result of nationwide changes in land use and climate.

Read the paper here.

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